BIG Changes

I’ve always enjoyed the internet. ESPN, CNN, The Weather Network and a ton of theological websites are a part of my daily routine. I even design websites (see: ). But, for some reason, I avoided things like blogging and joining social networks like facebook. Well, six months ago I joined facebook and here I am typing my first blog. For me, Mr. Routine, this was a BIG change–a delightful change, but a big change nonetheless. I now use facebook everyday (A few friends kid about me being ‘addicted’ to the thing!). I use facebook to connect with people–many of whom think very differently about the world than I do. I am thoroughly enjoying these discussions. We talk about everything from Scrabulous strategy, to hockey pool standings, to family problems, to biblical issues. I love it.


While this may not be the best place to debate Scrabulous strategy, I sincerely hope to expand the discussions here. Let’s talk about life. Let’s talk about God. Let’s think BIG.

One thought on “BIG Changes

  1. Hi, Bryn,

    I see that you are trying out WordPress. Have you considered using Drupal? is set up with Drupal. It is an open source that has major contributions from Google. I personally found it far more scalable and durable.

    Where have you put your theology articles. I was hoping to link it as we begin our membership class at DH? Is there a way I can access them?


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