Getting The Word Out – Part II

Over the last month the team leaders of The Well have been giving some thought to how we might better promote this new initiative. 

The consensus is that there is no better approach than to personally invite your friends, co-workers, neighbours, family members, etc. (see ‘Who Will You Invite?‘)

However, we also believe that we can improve upon how we represent The Well to your friends prior to their first visit. To this end, the website for The Well is being revamped, and already has a new look. Jessica Clarke has photographed The Well and has furnished us with some awesome new pics.  Tomorrow I meet with Cliff Cline for the purpose of working on (finishing?) a promo video for The Well which we can upload to our facebook groupYouTube, this blog, and the website. Hopefully it won’t be long before we add a page for [Quench] (our children’s program), as well as an ‘About Us’ page.

We have 9 Sundays ‘under our belt’ and none have disappointed. The musical leadership, shared between Cliff Cline, Kie Naidoo, & Sarah Walker has been A++! The hugely positive feedback we have received from our attendees affirms this.

Did I mention how good the coffee tastes? Did I mention the baked goods?

Our hosts have been awesome; they set the tone for everything that follows. The atmosphere/spirit of the gathering is constantly being described as ‘electric’. Words are not adequate to explain what is being experienced, but suffice to say that God’s powerful presence is at the centre of what’s positive about The Well.

I hope you get a chance to join us one Sunday. Bring a friend. You won’t be disappointed! 

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