You Can’t Handle It All

Maybe it’s a city thing, but I doubt it. Many of the people (most of the people?) I regularly engage are over programmed and over committed. We’ve pushed ourselves so hard, and now we’re paying for it. With our physical health, our emotional health, and our relationships, we are being negatively impacted by how busy we are.

This morning at The Well, I invited those gathered to self-diagnose how balanced their life was. After offering some symptoms indicating imbalance, I invited them to grade themselves on a spectrum between 1 (burnout) and 10 (total balance).

I theorized that we tend to run close to the line on this. Many of us rank between a 4 and a 6. But, I also pointed out that a seasonal variable was about to be introduced to the equation: Christmas.

Christmas places extra demands upon our time and energy as we shop for presents, attend more social gatherings, prepare more elaborate meals, and travel to visit family. If we are struggling to keep pace as it is, the demands of Christmas will threaten to undo us.

Thankfully, the Bible offers much helpful guidance in this regard.  In some instances it is prudent to STOP doing things in order to give priority to the best things (see Luke 10:38-42). In other instances (where ceasing is not an option), it is wise to SHARE our burdens and our responsibilities with others (see Exodus 18:17, 18). In all instances, we ought to attempt to STICK with Jesus (see John 15:4, 5).

If you are looking to remedy and reverse the trend of being “too busy”, I commend to you the following message below. I do not consider myself to be someone who can handle it all. I can’t. But I am convinced that, for my life to have proper balance, I must always seek to follow the One who can handle it all. I’m sticking with Him.

What’s your plan? How will you preserve balance as Christmas approaches? 

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