The Well: One of Our All-Stars

Strangely, I don’t recall the first time I met Cliff Cline. I had heard Cliff sing/play at a couple of churches, and at a friend’s wedding, before I ever got to know him. At the recommendation of a mutual friend, Cliff and I had lunch at ‘On the Curve’ in Mississauga in the Fall of 2007. Aware of his expertise in leading music, I wanted to run an idea by him—in its raw form, I wanted to float out the vision which would eventually become The Well.

Cliff did more than give helpful feedback; he stepped up to the plate. Cliff offered to coordinate the music program of The Well for a period of one year. 

It’s not unusual for me to seek out a ministry colleague for lunch, but it is rare when a single lunch leads to the birth of a substantial ministry AND a strong friendship. We’ve had many lunches since that day, and I am increasingly thankful for my friendship and association with Cliff Cline.

Cliff is a hugely gifted musician, a devoted Christian, and a loyal friend. Our partnership in leading/serving at The Well has been seamless. Sunday by Sunday, the musicians at The Well hit a ‘homerun’. Thanks Cliff.

You can track Cliff’s music ministry via, and this video (below) will give you an introduction to his immense talent. 

The Well is in its 6th month. We’re a modest-sized gathering of people looking to better understand what it means to follow Jesus. I’d love for you to be a part of that. Join us at The Well one Sunday as we seek to Drink Life.

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