The Well: Another One Of Our All-Stars

When we set out to launch The Well in September 2008 I knew that music would play a vital role. My chief musical contact was Cliff Cline and I would be relying on him to connect us with other gifted musicians. One the the lead musicians Cliff connected us with was Allen Froese. 

Allen is a hugely gifted musician and songwriter. The musicians who accompany Allen are also outstanding. More than that, Allen and his band are great people. They bring great energy and have humble hearts. I count it a privilege to have them and their families at The Well.

An Allen Froese song we have sung a few times at The Well is called, ‘The Name of the Lord is Great.’ Allen recently performed this song on 100 Huntley Street (check out the video below). You can also listen to some of Allen’s music at his myspace page. If you want to hear Allen Froese ‘live’, stay tuned to our website or subscribe to our weekly promo sheet to find out when he is leading next.

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