24/7 Christianity

I think most of us get that following Jesus requires more than an hour or two on Sunday morning. The video below is titled, ‘A Life of Worship’ and challenges Christians to live out their faith in every context. We showed this at The Well a few months back and now WorshipHouseMedia.com has kindly added an embed feature for their videos to be viewed on websites/blogs like this one. [This video works in IE & Safari, but apparently not in Firefox. If you are a ‘Firefox or bust’ kind of person, the best I can do is give you the YouTube link for this video, which has a monster-sized watermark on it. ] 


I’m eager to:

1) hear your thoughts about a 24/7 Christianity – what is the most challenging context for you to be a faithful follower of Jesus


2) What did you think of this video? Is a tool like this helpful when utilized in a Sunday morning worship service?

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One thought on “24/7 Christianity

  1. I missed this video at the Well – must have been with the kids…

    Wow – very powerful. 24/7 is hard, but I’m doing better, the closer my walk with Him becomes. I sing praises the loudest when I’m in my car. It helps me not get so uptight about how slowly or carelessly traffic is moving. I just figure, the longer I’m singing, the better off I’ll be…expect when I break the praise with yelling at the driver in front of me.

    Lucy Swindoll (chuck’s oder sister) tells the story of going on a Whale watch in the Antarctic. She kept praying that God would send her a whale to photograph, instead there were flock after flock of penguins, just posing for her. She refused to take their picture, because she didn’t want to miss the whale. Her point was – how often we watch for the whale, and miss the penguins that God sends us everyday. The video shows lots of places penguins show up…I for one will be watching more carefully.

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