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Most Christians that I meet are afraid to share what they believe. I confess, that I’m reluctant at times as well. In our postmodern culture, ‘sharing one’s faith’ is often looked at as tantamount to an attempt to impose one’s beliefs on another. This kind of imposition is largely regarded by our society as intolerant, arrogant, or both. (For an outstanding, and brief, response to the charge of ‘arrogance’–have a look at my friend Mike Wilkins’ post on this).

I’m not sure how we got here as a society. Nor do I understand what all the fuss is about. ‘Sharing one’s faith’ ought not to be a controversial thing. I love the way the New Testament frames things for us–‘sharing our faith’ is really the announcement, and spreading of, Good News. This news can be accepted by others as true, or it can be rejected as suspect. The news can be celebrated and embraced, or it can be altogether disregarded.

I love the way the New Testament presents the task of spreading the news because it is entirely natural for human beings to want to share good news. A couple learns that they are expecting a baby and they become eager to spread the word–by phone, by letter, in person, on their facebook status, by way of their blog–by any, and every means available. The same goes for the news of a job promotion, or the receiving of an award. Friends naturally share with friends the things that bring them the most joy.

When I think about Christianity in terms of sharing Good News, I’m not nearly as intimidated by the prospect of telling others what I have discovered.

At St. Giles Kingsway, we are on the cusp of creating a ministry which, we expect, will announce the ‘Good News’ in a vibrant and relevant manner. So, if you’re not ready to share ‘Good News’ with your friends, I want to encourage you to invite your friends to a place where we can share the ‘Good News’ on your behalf.

This past Sunday, I spoke about the apostle Paul’s commitment to proclaiming the Good News and how I hope The Well is our answer to following in Paul’s footsteps. Have a listen and let me know what you think.

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2 thoughts on “Spread The News

  1. Good news – so well stated. Why is it that we find it so hard to share the best thing that we could ever be a part of.

    Scripture reminds us that the shepherds went and told, the woman at the well went and told, yet we (Canadian christians), feel obligied to keep our faith personal.

    Simply walking into Chapters shows us the focus that the world is placing on finding a greater significance to life, and we who are Christ followers have the ultimate, and free, answer.

    Sharing our faith doesn’t have to be a “stand on the corner and handout tracks” kind of thing. It’s as simple as telling the store clerk the reason you don’t buy lottery tickets is because your faith doesn’t make empty promises.

    Thanks for the reminder in your message, and oh yeah, I can’t wait for the opportunity to share the Good News with our neighbours at The Well.

  2. Thanks D.L.! Now, that’s the kind of comment that reminds me of why blogs are better than traditional websites. The content becomes much richer hearing what YOU have to say about these issues. (In other words, I get tired of reading just my own material :).

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