At Home In The Bahamas

“How are you and your family settling in?” is the question I am most frequently asked.

There has been an evolution to my response over the last couple of months….
“We’re slowly getting adjusted.”
“Just fine thank you.”
“We’re settling in nicely now.”
“We feel at home here.”

It may seem premature to say that I feel at home in The Bahamas, but that’s exactly how I feel. Early on in my time in Nassau, I would make reference to “back home” (i.e. Toronto, Canada), but lately I have been catching myself. Canada is where I’ve come from. Canada is where I’ve lived my entire life until this past June. I am a Canadian citizen. However, strictly speaking, home is right here in Nassau. I did not come here as a missionary for a term. I came here as a called pastor to stay for as long as the Lord permits (see James 4:13-16) and prospers the ministry here.

We’ve set up our house (home!) as a family that is here for the long term. Pictures have been hung, new furniture has been purchased, and we even adopted a Bahamian dog! (a 1.5 year old “Potcake”). Some of the large “practical” pieces of the puzzle are coming together—my daughter is happily enrolled in a fantastic school, and my wife has made some fantastic connections with great people. Today, I found out which street hockey team I will be playing for. Yes, the Nassau Street Hockey League is a big deal, and my aspiration for 2011 is to win the Stanley Conch (I’m not kidding!).

I realize that I’m just short of living here 4 months, but every indication is that this is where we belong. This is where God intends for us to be. The affirmation, generosity, and support from the Session at the Kirk has been off the charts positive. One of the exercises I’m delighted about is we’re devoting half of our Session meeting time to studying Francis Chan’s book, “Crazy Love“.

The congregation’s early response has also been massively positive. The Lord has been merciful in beginning to mend some of the historical wounds within our congregation. I am humbled by the notion that my presence has contributed in some way to the healing and progress we have experienced thus far. I am quick to remind folks, however, that “Apart from (Christ) we can do nothing” (John 15:5). Or, to frame that in the positive, I remind our people, “(We) can do all things through (Christ) who gives us strength” (Phil. 4:13).

I’m simply a guy who is desperate for God’s help. And, I’m so pleased to report that God has hugely exceeded my lofty expectations (Ephesians 3:20, 21). I’m so thankful for grace that has indeed been sufficient for each day (2Corinthians 12:9).

The congregation appears to be growing—not simply numerically, but I sense lives being transformed. We’re also making some great friends along the way.

For the first month or two, I regarded the outpouring of hospitality and support as a function of my newness here. I imagined that the tremendous affection and sense of blessing we were feeling was a part of the “honeymoon” stage. But now I’m starting to wonder if maybe this is the way it’s going to be. Why does the blessing that we feel today about ministry in Nassau have to come to an end? Is it not possible that this is the way it’s going to be?

Challenges within the ministry here may lie ahead—I’ve never known a trouble-free ministry to exist. What I do expect will remain the same, however, is this acute sense that I really am at home in The Bahamas.

4 thoughts on “At Home In The Bahamas

  1. marvelous – it’s the “at home”-ness that confirms the call of God on where you are. You (and Allie and Anya) were called to “hold His people in your hearts” (as the hymn says)…and being at home with them is part of that.

    We miss you desperately, but at the same time rejoice with your happiness.

    Each time we have moved – the first thing we did, in each home, was to hang the pictures and set things up so that it looks like we live there – and indeed, we will, we pray, for the long term.

    Being at home is such a comfortable place to be – and a gift.

  2. We are counting our Blessings, naming them one by one, for what God in doing in in our Church through Bryn with the support of Allie and Anya.

  3. This short note serves to verify that we have are so blessed to have a pastor who is exceeding our expectations on so many counts, that time illudes him in keeping abreast of one of the things he enjoys so much – “Staying Connected” – with those who mean so much to him.

    “Out of Touch” does not mean “Out of Mind”. It only means that that he’s sowing some seeds in another part of God’s vineyard right now.

    Thank you for allowing him to nurtue some seeds that are falling on very fertile grounds.

    Keep Him In Your Prayers.

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