Your King Is Coming

Today, all over the world, churches are commemorating Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem with ‘Palm Sunday’ celebrations. What sometimes gets overlooked in these celebrations is an event that contributed to the massive crowd that met Jesus that day. Jesus had recently brought a dead man back to life–his good friend Lazarus (John 11:38-44).

This was no resuscitation. Lazarus had been dead 4 days. He was in the tomb. Lazarus’ family tried to dissuade Jesus from going in because of the foul smell. Jesus persisted and, with the authority of One who is fully Divine, Jesus commanded Lazarus, ‘Come forth!’……and he did!

This remarkable miracle did not take place in isolation, but amid a gathering of Lazarus’ friends and family. In other words, there were many eyewitnesses to Lazarus coming back to life. And, as you might imagine, these eyewitnesses couldn’t contain themselves. The word of this miracle spread quickly, and John’s gospel credits this as the reason for the huge crowd that greets Jesus as He rode into Jerusalem on a donkey.

It should also be noted that these people were no mere curiosity seekers–these people shouted cheers indicating their belief that Jesus was their promised Messiah. Jesus was the one that they had been waiting their entire life for and, having now found Him, they were ecstatic!

I get that. I get what it’s like to find someone who fills a person’s deepest void. Jesus has done that for me. He’s my King. More than that, He’s the King. He’s an accessible King–yes, He actually wants to hear from you and from me. He’s the great life-changer and the ultimate life-giver.

That’s what we celebrate on Palm Sunday, that’s what we celebrate at Easter, and that’s what charges me up every day of my life.

So, can I ask you: What’s your relationship to the King? I’d love to hear your story.

If you are interested in mine, have a listen to the message I delivered this morning at St. Giles Kingsway, entitled, ‘Your King Is Coming’.

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2 thoughts on “Your King Is Coming

  1. Hi Bryne. Iwas just scrolling in your website(very interesting)-listened to the message you delivered this morning(much appreciated) I stayed home from church this morning(flu).Yesterday Paula n\and I were able to welome Dave Terry’s sister Jo-anne and her husband and children to the cottage.They are staying there for a few days. It was nice to meet them.Thanks again for the message from this morning. Klaas

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