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If you asked me, say a month ago, why I blog, I would likely have stammered through a largely incomprehensible answer. Thank-you Abraham Piper for providing me with a superior reply! Rather than parrot Abraham’s post, 6 Reasons Pastors Should Blog, I will simply commend the link to you while imploring my colleagues/friends to join the fray.

What prompted me to blog? Darrin Brooker and Carey Nieuwhof. Very different blog styles, but both are huge sources of encouragement and inspiration for me.

At this point,’I’m all in’……I love blogging! I’d post everyday (many seem to), but I’m just not confident that I can say something sensible on a daily basis (if you don’t believe me, just read the inconsequential things I post as my ‘twitter status’).

I was delighted to have my good friend and colleague, Jeff Loach, recently join the world of blogging. Out of the gates, Jeff is posting very regularly, and it’s great stuff. I wish I had a long list of friends/colleagues who were blogging that I could recommend to you. I don’t. Check my blogroll. That’s all I got.

Friends, blogging is a great discipline. It helps me to think biblically. It helps me to engage the world around me. It connects me with people who are asking similar questions.

If you are a pastor, or a church leader, go check out Abraham Piper’s post. Let’s blog. Let’s encourage one another–and all the more as you see the Day approaching (Hebrews 10:25).

One thought on “Blog Wisdom

  1. Bryn, I hadn’t read Abraham Piper’s “reasons” before, but interestingly, I’d say those are the reasons I did jump in. Some wouldn’t think of the “writing” reason, but since I changed my preaching preparation style, I don’t get as many opportunities to write creatively – except for my weekly “Encouragement From The Word” emails. While I’m not sure I ever want to be known like one of “those” authors who’s never had an unpublished thought, the world of blogging has really opened up a door for influential commentary. It’s the same reason I joined Facebook – after much goading from the likes of you and Rebekah: influence. If you and I and other Christian bloggers out there can plant a seed in someone’s mind just by our words available for all to see, that, friend, is ministry!

    Thanks, too, for the plug. 🙂 I need all I can get!

    Passionately His,

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