Old Meets New

As the September 7 launch date for The Well approaches, I find myself furiously searching for appropriate, content-solid, music to present to our Music coordinator, Cliff Cline. The pool of excellent choices is much deeper than I initially anticipated and I suspect I’m still in the shallow end here. Against the stereotype criticism that all contemporary music is simplistic and repetitive, we have a solid line-up emerging, led by: ‘In Christ Alone’, ‘Before The Throne Of God Above’, and ‘Blessed Be The Name’. Additionally, I am finding more and more of the ‘old favourites’ redone in a contemporary way. A huge thanks to my Director of Children’s Ministry, Diana Loach, for furnishing me with the CD, ‘Hymns: Ancient and Modern‘…we’ll definitely be using a few from there.

One of my favourite traditional hymns (cited in my most recent post) is ‘Jesus Paid It All’. Kristian Stanfill’s updated version is outstanding–have listen/watch via the video below. As for the ‘Comments‘ section of this post, I’d be extremely grateful for your music recommendations for The Well. Thanks in advance!

5 thoughts on “Old Meets New

  1. Bryn –
    I’m so glad you’re enjoying the CD. As for music at the well, I’m sure the Cliff has some great ideas too. There is so much cutting edge stuff from new Worship leaders (Eddie Kirkland, Steve Fee-he’s done a bunch of songs that Casting Crowns has recorded, even Brian Doerksen for some canadian content) just to name a few.

    Passion is all about having just that in our worship, from the ancient to the modern (thus the name of the album), and their worship leaders include Chris Tomlin and the Dave Crowder Band.

    Worship music has evolved so much in the last few years, and has become more and more engaging for people. Yes, some of it is repetitive drivel, and some has bass levels that would shake the rafters…but following Paul’s example in 1Cor10, I am reminded, even when the music is not my preference, that “I am not seeking my own good, but the good of many so that they may be saved.”

    I’m excited about what kind of new worship expressions Cliff is going to bring to us at SGK, and the Well. And I’m happy to keep your CD collection expanding.

  2. Yay! one of my favorite topics: contemporary worship music that doesn’t suck. 😉

    I would recommend anything by Fee – the “We Shine” album is totally rockin’…my favorite cuts are ‘we shine’, ‘lift high’, ‘happy day’ and ‘beautiful the blood’. If I’m not mistaken, your Director of Children’s Ministry can hook you up with the album.

    I’d also recommend checking out Third Day’s “Offerings: A Worship Album” for some great songs, especially: ‘these thousand hills’, ‘agnus dei’ and ‘king of glory’.

    I’m big into ‘did you feel the mountains tremble’ by Delirious?…check out this youtube link…this is the album version of the song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x6lquv3-7JQ&feature=related

    Jeremy Camp’s “Carried Me: The Worship Project” is pretty great, too. I like ’empty me’, ‘you’re worth of my praise’ and the title track ‘carried me’.

    That’s just a quick trip through the gospel stuff on my iTunes…


  3. Thanks for the recommends! I was at a local Christian bookstore today and picked up four CDs which should serve the purposes of The Well. While I’m pleased with what I purchased, the selection was lacking…They had ONE Lincoln Brewster CD…from 1999…ONE Matt Redman CD…you guessed it, 1999. The Chris Tomlin CDs were a bit slim, although I picked up his most recent album.

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