72 Days To Launch!

Ongoing updates for the launch of The Well can be found on the group page for The Well on facebook. For the benefit of those not tracking through facebook, I have listed our ‘To Do List’ progress below:

Painting of Sports Hall: COMPLETE

Video Equipment: Awaiting Install

Audio Equipment: Awaiting Delivery

Purchase of Chairs: Awaiting Delivery

Purchase of MacBook & Pro Presenter software: COMPLETE

Purchase of ‘Coffee Corner’ equipment & furniture: Not yet completed

Purchase of Promotional Material: COMPLETE, ready for distribution

Refinishing of Maple Floor: To be completed in mid-late July

Message Preparation: Still planning & praying……Thinking about launching with a series about the teachings of Jesus (gleanings from the Gospels). Want to suggest a title for such a message series? I’d love to hear your ideas via the Comments section.

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