The Well: Another One Of Our All-Stars

When we set out to launch The Well in September 2008 I knew that music would play a vital role. My chief musical contact was Cliff Cline and I would be relying on him to connect us with other gifted musicians. One the the lead musicians Cliff connected us with was Allen Froese. 

Allen is a hugely gifted musician and songwriter. The musicians who accompany Allen are also outstanding. More than that, Allen and his band are great people. They bring great energy and have humble hearts. I count it a privilege to have them and their families at The Well.

An Allen Froese song we have sung a few times at The Well is called, ‘The Name of the Lord is Great.’ Allen recently performed this song on 100 Huntley Street (check out the video below). You can also listen to some of Allen’s music at his myspace page. If you want to hear Allen Froese ‘live’, stay tuned to our website or subscribe to our weekly promo sheet to find out when he is leading next.

The Well: One of Our All-Stars

Strangely, I don’t recall the first time I met Cliff Cline. I had heard Cliff sing/play at a couple of churches, and at a friend’s wedding, before I ever got to know him. At the recommendation of a mutual friend, Cliff and I had lunch at ‘On the Curve’ in Mississauga in the Fall of 2007. Aware of his expertise in leading music, I wanted to run an idea by him—in its raw form, I wanted to float out the vision which would eventually become The Well.

Cliff did more than give helpful feedback; he stepped up to the plate. Cliff offered to coordinate the music program of The Well for a period of one year. 

It’s not unusual for me to seek out a ministry colleague for lunch, but it is rare when a single lunch leads to the birth of a substantial ministry AND a strong friendship. We’ve had many lunches since that day, and I am increasingly thankful for my friendship and association with Cliff Cline.

Cliff is a hugely gifted musician, a devoted Christian, and a loyal friend. Our partnership in leading/serving at The Well has been seamless. Sunday by Sunday, the musicians at The Well hit a ‘homerun’. Thanks Cliff.

You can track Cliff’s music ministry via, and this video (below) will give you an introduction to his immense talent. 

The Well is in its 6th month. We’re a modest-sized gathering of people looking to better understand what it means to follow Jesus. I’d love for you to be a part of that. Join us at The Well one Sunday as we seek to Drink Life.

Old Meets New

As the September 7 launch date for The Well approaches, I find myself furiously searching for appropriate, content-solid, music to present to our Music coordinator, Cliff Cline. The pool of excellent choices is much deeper than I initially anticipated and I suspect I’m still in the shallow end here. Against the stereotype criticism that all contemporary music is simplistic and repetitive, we have a solid line-up emerging, led by: ‘In Christ Alone’, ‘Before The Throne Of God Above’, and ‘Blessed Be The Name’. Additionally, I am finding more and more of the ‘old favourites’ redone in a contemporary way. A huge thanks to my Director of Children’s Ministry, Diana Loach, for furnishing me with the CD, ‘Hymns: Ancient and Modern‘…we’ll definitely be using a few from there.

One of my favourite traditional hymns (cited in my most recent post) is ‘Jesus Paid It All’. Kristian Stanfill’s updated version is outstanding–have listen/watch via the video below. As for the ‘Comments‘ section of this post, I’d be extremely grateful for your music recommendations for The Well. Thanks in advance!

Sound of Music

I’m just back from an awesome lunch meeting with a hugely talented musician, Cliff Cline. Cliff’s interest in helping us launch The Well is so encouraging, and his enthusiasm for what we are aiming to accomplish is inspiring. Cliff will be our lead musician when we launch on September 7 (I’m hoping to confirm him in that role for the entire month), and he will also be the point person in helping us network with and recruit other professional musicians for Sunday mornings.

You can get to know Cliff by reading his blog, visiting his website, and/or listening to his music (below).

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