Receive Power

Below are the sermon notes of Bryn MacPhail. “Receive Power”, based on Acts 1:1-8, was preached at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Kirk on September 5, 2010.

In the Book of Acts, we are given glimpses into the life of the Early Church. We get to see their habits, their challenges, their fears, and their joys.

I think that there is much for us to learn from observing the 1st Century Church, and so for the next 10 Sundays, we will be gleaning The Book of Acts for some principles that will help us live faithfully as a congregation in the 21st Century.

By way of introduction, I want to draw your attention to name given to this book of the Bible: The Acts of the Apostles. I find this title to be somewhat misleading. Most of the apostles are never heard of in this book. There are, at most, 3 or 4 who play a prominent role in Luke’s recording of early church history.

What we find instead is that the constant in this book is the Holy Spirit. What we find is that behind the prayers, behind the preaching, behind the efforts of those 1st Century Christians is the powerful movements of the Spirit of Jesus Christ.

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