Living Out Of The Overflow

A couple of weeks back a very talented musician, Sarah Walker, led the music at The Well. Sarah has written, and led us in singing, a song called ‘Overflow’. The key lines of the chorus that stuck with me were, ‘I want to live out of the overflow…Reflecting compassion and Your grace for all to see Your love in me.’

For about 6 weeks now I’ve been emphasizing in my messages our need to draw close to the Lord, and to drink deeply from what he offers to satisfy our souls (see John 4:13, 14). But recently, my burden in this regard expanded. Then what? We draw close to God, He satisfies our soul….then what? How is the world around me different because of my drawing close to God?

I love that God satisfies my soul, but I’m reminded that there’s more to the equation than just me. I’m reminded that my life ought to resemble a bright light shining through darkness, and salt that wards off decay and adds flavour to food (see Matthew 5:13-16). I’m reminded that there ought to be an overflow effect from my drinking from the wellspring Jesus offers. The world around me ought to be positively impacted by my walking closely with Jesus. 

As Sarah Walker well puts it, ‘I want to live out of the overflow’.

I want my proximity to Jesus to do more than just benefit me. The way I put it this past Sunday was as follows:

 The love of Jesus which draws us in to Himself, also drives us out to act lovingly toward others. 

The order here is important. There is limited value in running around by our own strength and initiative trying to help others (see 1Peter 4:11). The first charge upon our attention is to draw close to the Lord. The second is to live in a manner that reflects the impact of our proximity with Jesus. In other words, we can’t manufacture overflow—we receive it. And, having received an overflow of grace we let it spill out and impact those around us.

How does that sound to you? Are you living in the overflow?

My message from this past Sunday picks up this same theme. It is based on Matthew 12:1-14, and is entitled, ‘Bigger Than Religion.’

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2 thoughts on “Living Out Of The Overflow

  1. Amen.. now the trick to constantly live it.. that is my one true prayer that no matter where I am and what I am doing that I am overflowing with evidence of Christ in my life.. sadly and honestly that is far more difficult that it seems as I am constantly drawing closer to other things/people that Christ.. BUT I will never let that prayer leave my heart, it is constant and my hope that God hears it and brings me closer and then allows me to once again live in the overflow.

  2. timely reading; while I was contemplating other waterfalls on the Escarpment (I know, you’re originally from NF!), its obvious of our need for the living water Jesus provides…some days, like during the past week, the overflow felt more like a trickle….However, the water is refreshing, provides life, and yes, can still be spilled out to others!

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