You Don’t Have What It Takes makes available great visual resources for church leaders to employ in their worship services. One series in particular captured my attention: ‘You Don’t Have What It Takes.’ The series makes 4 negative claims that, instinctively, cause us to raise our defenses. However, as I let my mind linger with these negative claims, I found myself entirely agreeing with them. Yes, I do have limitations. Left to my own devices, I can’t handle everything that comes my way. The unknown road ahead can be intimidating.

Beginning on November 9, I plan on exploring these 4 negative claims at St. Giles Kingsway and The Well.

 You’ll Never Be Good Enough (Nov. 9)

 You’ll Never Please Everyone (Nov. 16)

 You Can’t Handle It All (Nov. 23)

 You Can’t Control The Future (Nov. 30)

It didn’t take me long to find ample biblical text affirming these claims. And, thankfully, these negative claims don’t have to have the final say in our lives. There is a better way. It’s not all up to me. 

I should offer this warning though: This series is an indictment against those committed to self-sufficiency; to those who would seek to be governed by a do-it-yourself worldview.

This is no ‘self-help’ series; this is a ‘I need help’ series.

I know I certainly resonate with the ‘I need help’ vantage point, and I’m delighted to report that the help I’ve needed has never been lacking (see, for example, Psalm 23). I invite you to journey with me, and to discover how our limitations uniquely position us to accomplish great things. Check out the video trailer below.

What’s your instinct on this? Do the negative claims repel you, or intrigue you? Are you a do-it-yourselfer? Or are you looking for help for the journey? I’d love to hear your thoughts. 

1 thought on “You Don’t Have What It Takes

  1. sounds a bit convicting for this self proclaimed super woman.. but just what God wants me to hear…
    looking forward to it

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