Needed: A Partnership With Parents

I’m just back from a week of holidays and a two-week hiatus from blogging (please forgive me). Let me ease back into the latter by encouraging you to view the video below, produced by a church I hugely respect: Connexus. The video is based on ‘Orange’ principles and, if you want to know more about what that means you will want to read a blog post from one of the all-stars at The WellDiana Loach (who is currently on her way to the Orange Conference in Atlanta, GA). And thanks to Cliff Cline (all-star musician at The Well) for directing me to this online promo.

One thought on “Needed: A Partnership With Parents

  1. Bryn –
    Thanks for posting the link – if folks want to hear more, they can download the Orange Family series that was presented at Connexus as well.

    I believe, with my whole being, that this is where God is asking the Church to go with the families we serve. Children meet Jesus through us, and neither parents, nor the church, can do this job of spiritual nurture alone. We must do it together; eternity depends on it…

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