The Most Famous Song Ever?…Remixed

There must be people who don’t care for this hymn, I just haven’t met any of them yet. Written by English clergyman, John Newton in 1772, Amazing Grace has established itself as arguably the most beloved song in the history of the Christian Church. The words are compelling, the doctrine is sound, and the tune (New Britain) is memorable. The 2006 feature film by this name, traces the work of abolitionist, William Wilberforce, while also recounting the origin of John Newton’s hymn. Among a myriad of musicians who have recorded and/or amended this hymn in recent years, Chris Tomlin’s version has garnered perhaps the most accolades. Have a listen/look at the video. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

3 thoughts on “The Most Famous Song Ever?…Remixed

  1. I adore this ‘remix.’ I think it’s such a great idea – how to bring great, sound, time-tested hymns of the faith to a new generation. Check out Michael W. Smith’s “The Wonderful Cross” for a similar idea using the hymn “The Wondrous Cross.”

    I find myself more and more convinced that we do the next generation a disservice when we don’t teach them any of the hymns that have withstood the the test of time. That being said, ‘old’ hymns need to be played in a ‘new’ way or the next generation won’t be interested in hearing them. The work of folks like Chris Tomlin in ‘remixing’ this hymn is vitally important to keeping deep theological content in our music while totally rocking-out at the same time.

    Thanks for posting the vid, Bryn, I’ve never seen it before!


  2. Rebekah–I couldn’t agree with you more! I too adore the ‘old’ hymns for their content/sound doctrine, and I am reminded that even ‘Amazing Grace’ was sung to dozens of different tunes (from the popular culture) in its early days before the church seemed to ‘settle’ on New Britain.

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