Fishing Is Simple

It’s Canada Day weekend 2007 and I’m going fishing with my not quite 5 year-old daughter Anya. I’ve got a tackle box full of lures, a container of worms, and a myriad of accessories to help me catch “the big one.”

Anya, on the other hand, only brings her pink, plastic, Barbie fishing rod with a single rubber worm on a hook.

I’ve packed a tonne of stuff because I’m attempting to prepare for every possible scenario. Anya brings very little because, for her, fishing is simple—attach the rubber worm to the hook on the pink plastic fishing rod and cast repeatedly.


For the last month at St. Giles Kingsway and The Well, I have been delivering a series of messages under the heading “Go Fish” (the title is inspired by Andy Stanley). Go Fish is a series about evangelism. Go Fish comes from the agenda Jesus articulated to His first would-be disciples, “Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men” (Matthew 4:19).These messages are aimed at helping followers of Jesus understand why we talk about Jesus to others, and how we can do that more effectively.

In my message delivered on Sunday November 15 (audio below), I made the assertion that the Christian church, when it comes to talking about the way of salvation, has often been guilty of muddying the water. My conviction is that we need to keep things simple. We need to remember that the Gospel is simple—profoundly simple, but simple nonetheless.

In an effort to highlight the simplicity of the Gospel, the message below unpacks one of the most familiar verses in the Bible—John 3:16.

If you’ve ever been anxious about talking about Jesus with others, if you’ve ever imagined the message to be beyond your ability to articulate, if you’ve ever doubted that you know enough to tell the story, then I urge you to listen to this message.

I’m convinced that my daughter Anya has it right. Fishing is simple.

And when you think about it, that makes perfect sense. If God wanted to have a relationship with us, you wouldn’t expect Him to make the way complex or confusing. You would expect Him to make the way clear and understandable. The way is clear. It is simple. May that give every follower of Jesus the confidence to Go Fish!

Listen here.

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