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I’ve been blogging for almost a month now–and I love it! It feels like online journaling, except for the fact that my thoughts are open for the whole world to see. That’s kind of scary and kind of cool, all at the same time. I’ve enjoyed reading the comments a few of you have left, and it is my sincere hope that the number of comments increases. Because, in my view, what makes the blogging experience unique is your ability to talk back. My expectation is that your comments/responses to posts will inspire my future posts. In other words, I want this to feel more like an online dialogue than me giving a sermon (not that sermons are bad!).

Speaking of sermons….I’m mindful that this domain used to be the location for finding reformed theology resources (The Reformed Theology Source). I am still very much interested in furnishing you with resources to assist you in your journey of faith. Much of the content on the right-hand side bar reflects this desire. Let’s walk through that side bar now:

Random Quote: I have amassed a great collection of quotes over the years, but I’m sure that I have only begun to scratch the surface. If you have a short quote relating to God’s BIGNESS (His supremacy), I’d be glad to receive it from you, and I’ll consider it for use on this blog.

Facebook Profile: OK, this isn’t a resource as much as it is a utility, but I have been amazed at the two-way traffic I’ve discerned between my blog and my fb profile. I’m utilizing a plug-in, Wordbook, that notices when I write a post and kindly previews that post on my fb profile–very cool!

Featured Resource: I hope self-promotion doesn’t bother you. The featured resource is a little booklet I wrote, inspired by the hymn, Here, O My Lord, I See Thee. I use the hymn as a springboard to reflect theologically and devotionally about the meaning of The Lord’s Supper. The Heavenly Table really is a booklet, and is priced accordingly at $3.00.

Blogroll: I’m grateful that there are so many people smarter than I who are blogging. It’s a mixed group: two are full-time pastors, one is finishing training for the pastorate, one is a world renowned history professor, one is a professional musician, and one is a layperson whose knowledge of reformed theology exceeds my own. I encourage you to take the time and visit each of these quality blog sites.

Featured Messages: I opened this post by saying how I want this blog to more closely resemble a dialogue than a sermon. Well, hopefully you won’t consider it a huge contradiction to find some of my sermon notes on this blog! I have selected, and linked, what I regard to be some of the key messages I have delivered over the past few years. I have attempted to cover a variety of topics and texts with this selection. If you’ve heard me preach, or if you’ve read some of my sermons in the past, and think I’ve left out a critical message–please let me know. I’ll happily honour requests in this section!

Recommended Sites: Kind of self-explanatory. They are all worthy spots to visit!

Horatius Bonar CD: Remember the hugely knowledgeable lay person I mentioned earlier in the blogroll? Well, he has meticulously put together the best collection of Horatius Bonar resources you’ll ever find. Not familiar with Bonar? Want more info on the CD? Then visit here. (Just make sure if you buy the CD, you mention this blog post—I think I can get a breakfast out of it 🙂 )

Recommended Reading: You are looking at cover images of four books (randomly selected) from my library. These books range from John Calvin (1500s) to present day authors. You’ll find a variety of genres represented in this selection.


That concludes our tour of the right-hand side bar for today. We hope you enjoyed the trip and I look forward to reading your comments 🙂

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