Top 10 Things I Will Miss Not Living In Canada

It’s now official. We move to Nassau, Bahamas on June 3, and I will be inducted as the minister of St. Andrew’s Kirk on June 6. Thinking a lot about what we’re leaving behind, here are the 10 things I’ll miss the most:


10. My hockey cards

Yes, I know—I’m not six years old anymore, but collecting hockey cards is not something I ever outgrew. I fondly remember my father buying me cards after each of my hockey games. I blame eBay for taking my borderline obsession to the next level. My Gretzky, Lemieux, Sittler, etc, rookie cards will have a new home in a Royal Bank safety deposit box.


9. Tim Horton’s coffee

I’m not a sophisticated guy. Starbucks just doesn’t do it for me. I actually crave Tim Horton’s coffee. And how cool is it that my favourite coffee is named after a former Toronto Maple Leafs player?


8. Miss Vickies Potato Chips

This 5 star potato chip has its origins in Alliston, Ontario (very close to my first pastoral charge). Pepsi eventually figured out what I already knew, and bought Miss Vickies. Dear Pepsi: How about selling these chips wherever you sell your pop! Multiple Miss Vickies bags will be a prerequisite gift for any Canadian friend seeking to stay at chez MacPhails.


7. St. Louis B&G chicken wings

What will I do without the ‘Monday Special’? I can picture it now: I’m sitting down to a freshly prepared conch salad, but all I can think about is……chicken wings!


6.  Attending Alistair Begg’s Pastors Conference

Yes, I do realize that this conference is in Chagrin Falls, Ohio. Only a four and a half hour drive away, I have journeyed to this conference for 8 straight years. Unless there is a seat sale on a flight from Nassau to Cleveland, it appears that I’m looking to conferences in Orlando or Atlanta in order to charge my spiritual batteries.


5. Playing Facebook Scrabble

Someone explain this to me. When I’m in the Bahamas, and I attempt to access facebook Scrabble, the application tells me that I’m in a “invalid country”. Thankfully, the $5 I spent on the Scrabble app for my iPhone appears to be a decent workaround.


4. Attending Toronto Maple Leafs & Toronto Blue Jays games

I realize that it has been a while since the Leafs and Jays have had competitive teams, but I can’t stop cheering for them. Thank you Duncan Macgregor for furnishing me with so many opportunities to watch my favourite clubs. I know this is something Anya will miss also. And if you are wondering if I plan to come back for the Stanley Cup parade…you bet! I’ll be at Front & Bay St, painted blue & white!


3. My cottage

Also known as the ‘Cuckoo’s Nest’, our cottage has been the perfect getaway spot for Allie and I. Many outlines for my Sunday messages were born here as I sat by the fireplace in the winter, and by the lake in the summer, with my note pad and my Bible. I’ll also miss those lazy days when my biggest project was completing a 1,000 piece LOST puzzle.


2. Playing hockey

I realize that the days of competitive hockey have passed me by. I’m 37 years old. But for 32 of those years I played hockey. I’ve circled May 13 in my calendar as possibly the last game of ice hockey I ever get to play. Those who know me well get that this is a huge sacrifice for me. I do, however, look forward to joining the Nassau Ball Hockey League in October and taking a run at the Stanley Conch (real name of the championship!).


1. Friends & Family

This is the runaway winner within this Top 10. Allie and I have shed many tears anticipating saying good-bye to those we love. One of the great things about Nassau though, is that many people want to visit there. I suspect that many of our friends and family will want to visit. I hope they do. We need them to. Friends: Come often. And bring some Canada with you!

12 thoughts on “Top 10 Things I Will Miss Not Living In Canada

  1. We are not losing friends, we are gaining a vacation destination!!! We will see you there in the future; count on it.

  2. I am happy to take credit for the starting of the 1000 piece Lost puzzle craze! While not a coffee drinker, I too would miss Tim’s coffee.

  3. Here in the Bahamas we will welcome with open arms all the friends and family that B, A & a can handle … we love Canadians here, I mean both our countries are members of the Commonwealth!! We’ll do our best to keep the high-speed internet and cable TV streaming all the Leafs and Jays games (and even CBMT and NTV … we’re not complete savages after all)!

  4. I think I will miss the feeling that I get when the fire is burning at the cottage, not sure what will replace that in Nassau except the burning of my feet on the hot summer asphalt when I forget my shoes.

    I will miss the crunch of the snow as I run through the neighbourhood at 6am ..just me and my dog flying and praying for my neighbours

    most of all i will miss my friends and family, although I know we will never lose them just losing the proximity is enough to cause my heart to be heavy and my eyes to well.

    The amazing thing however is that God is very present everywhere and I know He has a plan and I take great comfort in that

  5. Great list Bryn!
    I totally agree with the Miss Vickies! Man, they are the best chips. Salt and Vinegar is key! I have had so many bags of them. When we come visit we’ll try and stuff some in our bags!
    I still can’t believe you’re going somewhere without hockey! But I am glad to know you’ll be with me in about a year and two months at the Cup parade!! Head to toe in blue!
    We’ll miss you too, but look how easy it is to stay in touch these days. I’ve already commented on this blog…

    PS – Really Allie? The snow? Yikes!

    PPS – Bryn, if your friend ever needs someone to give your old tickets to, I’m ready for that responsibility!

  6. On the plus side, you will find that, in winter time in the Bahamas, you will be contacted by friends you didn’t know you had, and who will want to come down and check that you are settling in O.K..

  7. Extraordinary people do extraordinary things and go to extraordinary places.
    *So many adventures are waiting for you*
    *So many hearts & minds are waiting to be inspired*
    It excites me as I think about how you, Allie & Anya will be abundantly receiving such an outpouring of blessings as you serve in the Bahamas!
    Wrapping things up here will be hard….goodbyes are hard….but feel strengthened knowing you are surrounded by lives you’ve touched – too numerous to list.

  8. Its going to be tough Bryn – you’ll be trading those long cold winters for glorious sunshine 300 days a year, the cottage for boating weekend in azure blue seas heading towards deserted islands, cooking fish on the barbie that you caught en-route. Don’t forget the burden of our crippling taxes!

  9. Love these comments!!!

    Rev. Scott: I’m going to have to save one of my Maple Leafs Bobbleheads just for you so you can put it on your desk.

    John: Yes, looking forward to the Stanley Cup parade! And yes, bring lots of Miss Vickies when you visit.

    Jerry & Kathy: Your comment is going to inspire a sequel post where I list my top 10 favourite things about the Bahamas!

  10. Bryn we should meet one day, my brother is at our cottage on the Moon River in Bala, right now.

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