Today I said “good-bye” to a congregation I love dearly. I’m still struggling to process the myriad of emotions I’m experiencing. One thing, however, is clear: I am overwhelmed.

I am, in part, overwhelmed by the magnitude of the move from Toronto to Nassau, Bahamas, and all of the details which go with that.

I’m also overwhelmed by the kindness and generosity shown by so many. The last time I opened a stack of cards this big was on my wedding day. I am sincerely touched and humbled by the kind sentiments contained within these cards. I was also hugely moved by the tributes and generous gifts given, not only to me, but also to Allie and Anya as well.

I am overwhelmed by the love demonstrated to my family today. Allie and I have shed many tears in anticipation of our move to Nassau. This morning we witnessed a reciprocal response of profound emotion. The people of St. Giles Kingsway and The Well are my friends, but what I experienced today transcended even friendship. What I witnessed today was a massive expression of gratitude from a group of people who have progressed in their relationship with Jesus Christ. The Gospel has made a difference in the lives of many here. I feel so blessed to have played a role in that.

I will remember May 16, 2010 as long as I live. It was a painful day (saying good-bye), but it was also a day filled with encouragement. More importantly, I believe God was glorified. Both services were absolutely packed. The people appeared attentive to the Word and sang songs of praises with great enthusiasm. It was a delightful and inspiring gathering to be a part of.

I expect that I will remain overwhelmed for quite some time. I am truly humbled by what happened here today. And I am so grateful—grateful for the gifts, the kind words, and the wonderful people of St. Giles Kingsway and The Well.

I will remember my 8 years of ministry here with much fondness. I will remember the people of this congregation with much affection. And I will always give thanks to God for giving me the privilege of serving this fine community of believers.

This morning I closed out a 5 message series (“Parting Words From Your Pastor”) with the message “Contend Earnestly For The Faith” (Jude 3). I hope it was a fitting final word.  In the event you would like to hear my final message at St. Giles Kingsway and The Well, the audio is provided below.

Listen here.

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  1. An excellent conclusion to an excellent series. Thanks for the reminder of our focus…God Speed my friend. Keep posting, your messages have become an integral part of my week!

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