The Party is Not Over!

There’s nothing like having a blogroll comprised of sharp thinkers who write really edifying stuff. Carey Nieuwhof might be the most prolific blogger on the roll in terms of the frequency of his posts. It’s great reading; down-to-earth and easy to apply. Recently, another good friend of mine, Jeff Loach, began blogging. Jeff may be a newbie to blogging, but he’s a seasoned veteran when it comes to communicating biblical truth in understandable ways. I’ve just read a short post by Jeff, entitled, Easter’s Over? I hugely appreciated this. Easter is not over…in a sense, it is never over. The Resurrection of Jesus has forever changed the order of things.

I’d love to help keep you thinking about Easter and its profound implications for our lives. I dug up (electronically speaking) my sermon notes from Easter 2004. If you struggle with discouragement or doubt, you may find this to be a timely antidote.

Know of any other helpful online articles/messages on Easter? Post them in the comments section—let’s keep the celebration going!

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