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Doing the right thing, choosing the best path, isn’t easy when it seems as if everyone is taking the opposite route. No doubt, there are risks involved when we choose the road less traveled…social risks, economic risks…but, I assure you, the reward is great. This past week I delighted in studying the biblical account of Jesus healing the 10 lepers (Luke 17:11-19). For those who might not be familiar with the story, 10 lepers cry out for Jesus to heal them. Jesus responds by giving them a task to complete without actually promising to heal them. The 10 set out to complete the task and, miraculously, they’re healed along the way. Interestingly, only one of the healed lepers returns to Jesus.

As I studied this account I couldn’t help but notice similarities between the predicament of the lepers and the current predicament of people who need Jesus’ help. And when Jesus does help us, when he does come to our aid, how do we respond? Do we respond like the nine lepers? Or do we respond like one? If like the nine, what’s keeping you from being ‘the one’?

I found myself hugely challenged by this text. I invite you to have a listen for yourself.

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I’d be so encouraged to hear if the message of Luke 17:11-19 inspires you to Be The One.

One thought on “Be The One

  1. Wow – I love when I get to hear a new take on a really old story. I fear I am too often like the 9 in your message, other things get my attention first, when it really is Him who allows me to give my attention anywhere.

    Thanks for this reminder today – perfect timing for the week I’m heading into. You’ve helped place all the priority where it needs to be…

    Blessings friend.

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