Who Will You Invite?

Tomorrow morning I head out to the cottage for an extended holiday. I’m uncertain about when I’ll have my next opportunity to post on this blog. Until then, I’d like to put out a challenge to followers of Christ who are reading this: Who will you invite to your place of worship this year?

If we sincerely believe that life as a follower of Jesus is the best course for each and every human being, for this life and for the next, we should be inviting friends, family, neighbours, and coworkers to join us where we gather to hear from the Word of Christ.

My motivation for inviting others is NOT to pressure them into believing what I believe. My motivation is to SHARE with those I care deeply for, something that has transformed my life. As a colleague of mine puts it, ‘Jesus is the one we all really long for.’ I believe that. Every human being has a God-shaped void and, as Augustine puts it, ‘our hearts remain restless until we find our rest in Him.’

I want that for my friends and family. I want them to experience rest for their souls. So…..who will you invite?

As I contemplate the launch of The Well on September 7, I’m thinking about people who I’d love to share this celebration with. I hope to invite some dear friends. I don’t know if they’ll be interested, but the prospect of them saying ‘no’ isn’t enough to deter me. This is too important; too good to keep to myself.

Check out this video from Connexus Community Church.

Who comes to your mind? Invite them.

2 thoughts on “Who Will You Invite?

  1. I like the illustration of the empty chair; ALWAYS try to have one in place at any Church Meeting….I’m praying for folks I know on the west side of Toronto (including a sibling!) for September 7. And, I’m happy to point them to “The Well”.

  2. thanks Al! We’re extremely excited about the launch and about how God might use this small ministry to do big things!

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