Great Start, Great Response

I have been both thrilled and humbled by the response to last Sunday’s launch of The Well. Yesterday, this blog recorded a record number of visits. Additionally, I received many emails, facebook messages and wall posts from folks who have been tracking this new initiative. I am so grateful for your encouragement and support!

Here’s what people are saying about the launch of The Well:

“Today exceeded even my lofty expectations. The atmosphere was absolutely electric!”

“What an amazing, energizing atmosphere! One little girl said she just loved it – to which I agree!”

“The format was good…the sermon had its central place…Good use of the video.”

“The service was very much in tune with the target demographic (target demographic sounds strange, these are souls).”

“God was glorified, people felt welcomed, and community was developed.”

“What a privilege it was, to be in a place where God was so strongly present.”

“I think people left feeling blessed, excited and hopeful—I know we did!”

“(The Well team leaders) were inviting and engaging, smiling and introducing themselves.”

“This church is wicked!” (apparently it is good when a 7 year-old boy says your church is ‘wicked’)

“Thanks for your courageous leadership, faith and vision, and to the team (at The Well) who are willing to colour outside the lines.”   – Carey Nieuwhof (Lead Pastor, Connexus Community Church)

Do you live in Greater Toronto Area? If you do, we invite you to come and have a drink at The Well!

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